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tomYou have found the home of the Norfolk Republican Party and we're glad that you're here! The Republican Party has a long tradition of championing the rights of the individual over the power of government, promoting the entrepreneurial "can do" spirit of the American people and believe that all who come here should have an equal opportunity to earn their own piece of the American dream. But recently, those ideas and freedoms have been under attack by an over-regulating and over-reaching government in Washington, D.C. whose bureaucrats think they are better able to make decisions that effect your day-to-day life. tomssigIf you believe that the American dream and your personal freedoms are still worth fighting for, then you're in the right place-and please accept my invitation to explore our website, learn what the Republican Party of Norfolk is really all about and feel free to join our party.  


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Join us at the Debate-Watching Party

Come hang out with the Norfolk Republican Party and watch the first Fox News Presidential Debate. Cheer for your favorite candidate. Meet Norfolk’s own Richard Ottinger, Candidate for State Senate District 6. Find out how you can make a difference in the course our country is taking. We want you to come! No donation required….


RPV 2nd District Breakfast

Chairman Curtis Colgate is pleased to announce that the second Congressional Committee is holding a breakfast meeting during the month of February and you’re invited to attend. Where Holiday Inn – Greenwich 5556 Greenwich Drive Virginia Beach, VA When Saturday, February 21st 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM Guest Speakers John Whitbeck Chairman, Republican Party of…


Elbert Guillory – Why I’m a Republican

Louisiana 21st District Senator Elbert Guillory’s powerful video which explains his reasons for turning away from the Democratic party and embracing the principals of the Republican party. Remember, the next time someone tells you that the government needs to do something for you or provide you with a basic need, they are basically telling you…


Mark Warner and the 97%

Self-described “radical centrist” Senator Mark Warner claims that he listens to all sides before he votes-with Barack Obama and in fact, he voted to support President Obama’s agenda an astounding 97% or the time. Mark Warner can’t run on his record, instead he likes to run from it.

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